One 190-gallon tank for sale. Includes nice
wooden stand, gravel & heaters $500.00.
Please contact John Hodgson.

22 gallon with breeding group of bristlenose plecos. Please contact Adam.

Available: Four 10 Gallon tanks for $5 each and two 29 gallon tanks for $20 each. Please call Ralph Krolikowski at 248-890-2460. Please leave message if there is no answer.

Fishin' Post

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Baby albino plecos for sale.
Please contact David Costa.

29 gallon with breeding group of bristlenose plecos
(some hi fin). Please contact Adam.

Looking for Macropodus spechti/concolor, M. ocellatus, M. erythropterus, and M. hongkongensis. Please contact Melissa Bukowski.

55 gallon with breeding group of Tropheus - primarily Deboisi, a few Ikola Kaiser and some Red Chimba). Please contact Adam.